Amy Raye Jordan MA. LMFT # 90862

My Therapeutic Approach


My approach is very relaxed and non-judgemental. I truly believe that each person holds their own wisdom, and that the therapeutic process of reflective self-awareness seeks to wake within each one of us, the perspectives necessary to experience the vitality of expansive choice and the coherence of more deeply satisfying relationships. 

My counseling services are meant to engage a person on an exploration of their inner and outer states of perception; to update belief systems, and to align each more fully with their core wisdom and original expression of Self. ​The cultivation and practice of this fundamental perspective - unique to each of us - is what clears confusion, and acts as profound medicine for our pain.

While my therapeutic roots are grounded in Jungian Depth Psychology and Psychosenthesis, I draw also from current ideas about quantum sciences and utilize altered states of awareness - such as mindfulness,  meditation, and energy work, as well as the wisdom and practice of Native American traditions- to help each person  find what works for their unique circumstance - so that they may experience a deeper connection to themselves and to the world around them.  

Having an awareness of the connections between the seen and the unseen in ourselves and in our environment, fosters conscious choice. Conscious choice translates into conscious participation in one's life and in that of the community. Conscious participation in one's life fosters healthy relationships, deeply felt meaning and a sense of purposeful expansion.

Join me on creating your most joyful life yet!



50 minute session - 175.00

70 minute session - 225.00

110 minute session - 300.00

First time or One time consult sessions are 70 mins.  

All sessions can be conducted in office or by phone/video (150.00)

Insurance is not accepted at this time.